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Book a Zoom or phone call with the CRM Guru

£99 (1 hour call)

Select Modules

Pick & choose from a range of interactive bespoke  Training Modules delivered online or on site in a workshop setting

fr £499 per Module


Book a number of days consultancy to help with strategy planning & campaign management

£500 per day

Guru Masterclass

High level CRM deep dive audit / strategy produced & presented in a Masterclass setting, bespoke to your business


30 JUNE 2022 - All prices include VAT

For booking enquiries email ckms@craig-kent.co.uk or call +44(0)7813 589 830

Book an interactive consultancy call

60 minute Zoom

only £99

Are you looking for some quick wins & tips on how to improve your retention strategy?

If so, book a one-off Zoom or telephone call with the CRM Guru to talk through your ideas and see where quick improvements can be made to increase your results and ROI.

Craig will talk through your marketing goals & objectives leaving you free to implement new ideas or work with Craig on a more detail project going forward.

Book a workshop for your team

Choose your Training  Modules

£599 - 1 Module

£999 - 2 Modules

Select from a range of presentation courses known as Modules. These bespoke Training Modules cover the following subject material aimed at improving the knowledge and output from your CRM or Marketing teams...

  1. Introduction to Email Marketing

  2. Advanced Email Marketing

  3. What is CRM & Why Do I Need It?

  4. Multi-Channel Marketing In The Modern World

  5. How To Integrate Acquisition & Retention Marketing Strategies

  6. The End To End Customer Lifecycle

The CRM Guru will deliver a half day Zoom per Module selected. Or if you'd rather the workshop takes place on your company site, Craig will deliver the course in person for a 10% supplement.

The Guru Masterclass - ideal for small & medium sized businesses

High level strategy produced bespoke to your individual company


Become a CRM Guru yourself with Craig's help. He will conduct a full exhaustive deep dive into all your existing CRM plans & activity, resulting in a comprehensive presentation / roadmap. He'll provide workable recommendations, new bespoke processes and proposed steps forward to give you the best chance of producing personalised, relevant experiences for your customers while maximising ROI.

This is a bespoke service, tailored to your own company's needs so if you need to formulate a strategy from scratch, or you simply need to optimise your existing campaign plans and activity this option will be best for you.

You can even engage Craig to help you deliver and execute the strategy by booking a number of consultancy days to follow the presentation playback if required (extra cost).

You choose how you want to work with the CRM Guru!

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