What exactly is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but in reality this means different things to different people. There are multiple sides to CRM including data, tech & marketing. The CRM Guru is an all round expert but with a strong focus on the marketing strategic function.

Why should I work with the CRM Guru?

Craig has had a great deal of success working with a range of well known companies and start-ups in the last 20 years. Most larger CRM teams are made up of marketers, data analysts & tekkies. The CRM Guru is a marketer at heart but Craig has an extensive working knowledge of data-driven platforms and customer lifecycle technology which is what sets him apart from the crowd. At the end of the day you want results and this where Craig can be so effective.

What's the best way to work with Craig?

When you work with Craig, you decide upfront exactly what you think you'll need and you can add more services as you go. You can pre-select one or more training modules that can be delivered remotely or in your office or you can buy a number of days, weeks or even months worth of consultancy days as required. You can combine this with interactive consultancy calls or you can simply cherry pick the services you need knowing that Craig is a flexible, temporary extension of your marketing function who can step in as and when you need him to.

What are the training modules & how do they work?

Training Modules are interactive presentations designed to help you and your team understand and improve on key elements of your CRM Marketing. If delivered in conjunction with Zoom calls they can be made bespoke to your organisation but either way you will learn how to maximise ROI through a wealth of CRM / customer retention focused processes that will futureproof the way you do marketing in the months & years to come.

Training Modules start at £499 and further details can be found here.

I only have a small budget. Can Craig help?

The beauty of working with Craig is that YOU pick & choose what you need and when you need it. The first call is free and any follow up calls are keenly priced at only £79 per hour. Then you can select Training Modules and / or Consultancy Days to set you on your way to CRM stardom. As your business grows you can add more products and services and Craig is never more than a phone call or an email away.

What does Craig do differently & why does it work?

Craig strongly believes that the right approach is to always start by looking at the needs of the customer and working back to match the client's objectives and expectations. This way he doesn't get bogged down by systems / tech limitations that may have hampered internal progress in the past. By mapping out a high level strategy it is far easier to work downwards rather than risk getting obsessed by detail and preventing swifter outcomes by focusing on the wrong things.

How will Craig work with my team?

Craig is mindful that you are likely to have staff dedicated to improving CRM in place. He can comfortably work autonomously but is very adept at fitting in seamlessly to an existing team. He prides himself on his collaborative, empathetic approach to work and thrives on getting results with the input and help of the people around him. Conversely a lot of start-ups don't yet have a team in place; Craig can even help you recruit your marketing roles and input into the structure of your organisation.

What can I typically expect from Craig?

It's fair to say that no two Consultancy projects are ever exactly the same but Craig has a wealth of experience operating in different sectors for many different clients. Often, where required he will start with an audit of your current CRM activity and suggest processes, structure, campaigns and plans to connect with your customer base. Or it could be that you run a start-up in which case he will adopt a 'blank sheet of paper' approach.


Craig has a track record of hitting the ground running, delivering excellent results on time, and always working with the client and end customer in mind.

How can I get in touch with Craig?

Craig is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm on the phone at 07813 589 830.

Alternatively you can email him at